Harold Jefferson



Date joined

May 5th 2011

Pre-outbreak Occupation

U.S Army Staff Sargeant

Group Affiliations

U.S. Military



U.S Army Staff Sargeant Harold Jefferson was a soldier deployed in Cairo, Egypt. He was the one who helped establish the survivors wiki.


Harold was born in the U.S. to an average family. He was a markedly introverted child, a characteristic he maintains to this day. Upon completion of High School, he joined tthe Army, and eventually was promoted to the rank of Staff Sargeant. With his 62', 200 lbs stature, he still looks rather average, his body a tapestry of ink, from various bands and other random things; stories of his pre-military life. He has a good understanding of several languages, and an uncanny knowledge of irregular tactics.

Post-Outbreak LifeEdit

After the first reports of the outbreak, the U.S. government began evacuating staff from its various embassies around the world, and recalling all deployed troops to defend against the new viral threat. Harold had been training sniper candidates, when he was called back to active deployment. He was placed with a squad, and given orders that he was to rescue the staff of the American Embassy in Cairo.

Embassy OperationEdit

The mission to rescue the staff of the american embassy was all but a failure. Upon insertion half of the men under Harold's command were massacred, and only four of the expected 27 individuals were in the embassy. Upon calling for evacuation, the helicopter landed in the courtyard, and was swarmed by infected, killing the crew while they tried to take off. The survivors were, for all purposes, trapped.