Malysian Rabies (Also known as "The Infection", "FS Virus", The "Final Stage", or the "Z Parasite") is an infectious disease, so far found to be unique to humans, caused by an unknown fluid-borne contagion. It is spread by internal contact with contaminated fluids. The name Malaysian Rabies originates from the diseases supposed origins in Malaysia, although this has yet to be proven

Malaysian Rabies causes the host to suffer a severe breakdown of all bodily functions and eventually results in death, although through what means remains to be discovered. Within a period of time, variable by individual, the infected corpse re-animates. For reasons unknown, the afflicted develop an insatiable hunger for Human flesh, and seem to have lost most of their logic capabilities, being unable to do common tasks such as open doors, or press buttons, and lack the dexterity to do so. Reports indicate that the Infected may be able to learn, to an extremely limited extent.

Signs and SymptomsEdit

The Malaysian Rabies virus is defined by the rapid decline in an afflicted individuals health, quickly killing them. The period between infection and death varies by case, and cannot be given a set survival period, although recorded evidence seems to indicate a gestation period of four to five days. Recordedly, the virus is always lethal, no matter the circumstances. Recorded Symptoms, retrived from the US Army include:

Fever (100º F or greater)

  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Cough
  • Runny nose (more common in children than adults)


There is no know treatment for Malaysian Rabies infection, and the only know way to stop an individual from turning upon death appears to be destruction of the hosts brain. It has been suggested that rapid removal of an infected limb could halt the spread of the infection, however this has yet to be proven. The only know treatment for an individual who has turned is destruction of the brain, resulting in the death of the infected individual.