Miss Sho was born to an Irish family in Yonkers New York. She was the oldest of four children. As a child she was a bit overbearing, often described as napoleon reincarnated. When she got older this trait grew more into a need to constantly protect and help others, which has lead to many situations gone awry. After graduating high school she attended college in hopes of acquiring a degree in psychology. During the first semester of college she met her fiancée Chris, a fellow student and bassist, they fell in love and were quickly engaged.

She has black hair to her mid back and brown eyes. She is 5'3 133 lbs. She also constantly wears jeans in any weather, mostly to cover up the tattoo on her calf.

Her nickname Sho (pronounced show) is a nickname given to her by her best friend in high school. It never died and steadily grew on her.

Post-Outbreak LifeEdit

When N.Y. became a red zone or reached it's medical pandemic, as she describes it, she instructed her family to head north. Reaching the highway they were unable to move due to the massive amounts of people fleeing the area. The undead broke through the cars windows with in four hours, she was one the phone with them the entire time.

After this traumatic experience she decided to stay put with Chris and his cousin Tom. Upon meeting two other survivors, Carlos and Steph, on a supply run the group began to believe that they would be able to head north after a few weeks to allow the undead population to dissipate.

When the group made a supply run out of their safe zone they realized that a journey north would be impossible due to the massive amount of undead still in the area. This is when Sho began to converse with Dr. Sobota on LDJ and the group decided to head west to meet with him and possibly build a safe zone for other survivors to migrate to.

When the group was almost out of Pennsylvania they ran out of supplies and needed to make a run, this turned out to be the last time Sho saw Chris, Tom, and Carlos alive.

Sho and Steph were able to escape, but by morning Steph had run off, she never left a note or reason.

Hoping to reunite with the rest of the group Sho moved on to a designated meet up town on the borer of Ohio. There she found Tom and Carlos turned. When leaving the town Sho found Chris and a sign explaining his demise and wishes for her to keep moving.

Stricken with grief the only outlet she found was LDJ and began posting regularly to keep her sanity, that’s when Officer Anderson and his ward Stacey reached out to the group for help, Sho came running due to old habits, and hoping to find a new life.