The following undead are ones that have been catagoized into levels, types and blahblahblah.

Living DeadEdit

The following "living dead" are the ones that have been catorgized into levels, types, etc

1. Before I babble away; I have an idea for a new kind of zombie and would like to run it by you before telling the others. I came up with the O Zombies (OZ) . These particular zombies had been dead for so long that their jaw bones had fallen and locked and the skin (if any left) around their mouth is hardened into a ‘O’. They cannot close their mouths so to eat they have to push their heads back and allow the meat to fall down their throat. I see images of a animal likeness. the way a hungry dog “gobbles” its food before other will take it away. Yes?

How do they kill/rip flesh: the nails and skin of their hands had also harden and create sharp claws. If you want to particular image just think the girl from the Ring infected with this virus. What do you think? I think that these are going to be VERY nasty creatures Just imagine waking up and turning, and there’s a OZ staring down at you... *shudders*

I would carefully, slowly reach across my chest for my .45 in a tanker’s holster that I would wear in combat... oh and PRAY!

I see that girl from the “ring” and the sound. Now... are these living or dead. If dead. no sound, Living makes sound. Do they hunt in a pack with a Alpha type or something....

Oh I would love the sound! Makes it creepier!!! I guess they would be more like an loner thing, what do you think?

its your baby...

We can say or hint, during the writing, that when zombies grow too ‘old’ they are pushed away from the packs and hence they turn into OZs

  • shivers down my spine!* excellent

Open doors and other easy tasks, but climb... I don’t think their limbs would let them climb much... cracks and stuff you know? but if you need them to climb they could...


these different types of infected are catagoized into levels, types, etc